Brown Mauzo’s new babe exposed

Kenyan singer Brown Mauzo recently shared a photo of his newest catch on social media, but covered her face with a heart emoji. This led netizens to go into detective mode to find out who she was.

Some people are now claiming that the woman in the photo is Mauzo’s baby mama, Fatima. Fatima is the mother of Mauzo’s child, Lareesa Brown Mauzo.

In 2021, Vera Sidika and Fatma got into a social media war over Fatma’s claim that Mauzo was a deadbeat. Fatma also claimed that she was still legally married to Mauzo, which upset Vera.

Fatma blasted Mauzo for engaging Vera and marrying her while he was still legally married to her. She also termed Vera’s union to Mauzo as “Nyumba ndogo,” meaning she is a second wife.

She added that she hoped her child would be able to see a male figure around, but she knew that Mauzo was unlikely to change his ways. She concluded by saying that people had raised fatherless kids and were doing okay, and she hoped that Vera would be a great mother to her child.

It is unclear if the woman in Mauzo’s recent photo is Fatma, but it is certainly possible. If it is, it would be an interesting twist in the story of their relationship.

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