Butita addresses the poisoning of the Churchill Show

Renowned comedian Butita has opened up about the toxicity he encountered within the Churchill Show environment.

In a candid conversation with fellow comedian Oga Obinna, Butita disclosed his struggles with growth and acceptance within the comedy industry.

Expressing his belief that he could have achieved more given the opportunity to thrive, Butita lamented the barriers he faced from certain team leaders who, he alleges, hindered his progress.

“Although I was embraced in standup comedy, I found myself at odds with the system,” Butita shared.

“Churchill is my friend, but there were times when I sought his support at my gigs, only to find him unavailable due to his busy schedule.”

The comedian expressed forgiveness for past grievances but remained steadfast in his disapproval of the gatekeeping culture that pervaded the comedy space.

He spoke of feeling stifled and marginalized due to his talent and creativity, suggesting that some individuals within the industry felt threatened by his skillset.

“The stage became my only avenue for retaliation,” Butita stated.

“I was featured on Churchill Raw for a year, where I showcased my talent and gained recognition. However, I was denied the opportunity to join the main Churchill Show lineup, despite having quality content.”

Butita underscored the impact of the toxic environment on his professional growth, noting instances of belittlement.

He recounted an incident where his acquisition of a new car was met with unwarranted criticism, prompting him to distance himself from the Churchill Show space.

“There were some petty things happening there. I got a new car and brought it to Carnivore. It was actually on loan and someone said, ‘some of you have bought cars now you want to come here how you want.’ That was the last day I stepped into that space. It was not a safe space for me as I was growing, and some of them did not like it.”

Addressing the question of toxicity within the Churchill Show space, Butita acknowledged its existence, particularly for those deemed proficient in their field.

He cited examples such as YY’s involvement in Churchill Raw, implying that talent was often overlooked within the show’s hierarchy.

“Partially, it was toxic, especially if you were an expert in something. Do we have a reason why YY was doing Churchill Raw? He is a pro. At some point, I was given a job, but someone took it away from me,” he said.

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