Butita considering selling his Jaguar XE due to allegations from his sugar mommy

Comedian Eddie Butita has once again addressed doubts surrounding his ownership of his Sh5 million Jaguar XE, which he acquired last year as an upgrade from his Nissan Tilda, purchased for Sh850,000.

When Butita initially showcased his new car on social media, rumors circulated suggesting it was not his own, with some speculating it belonged to an older woman, colloquially referred to as a “cougar.”

Expressing frustration over the persistent skepticism, Butita remarked, “At some point, I think I will just have to sell this car. Why don’t people believe in this craft that we’re doing? I have done so many things, so many great creative projects. Even the president once said that I make more money than his basic salary. Does that mean that with all that I do, I can’t just work hard and make enough money to get a good car? Why should I have to depend on a sugar mummy to get me a car? I just don’t understand the argument.”

Following his breakup with comedian Mamitto, Butita has been linked romantically to several women, including the alleged anonymous sugar mummy. However, he has consistently refuted these claims, dismissing them as products of social media speculation.

Since gaining prominence through the Churchill Comedy Show, Butita has embarked on a journey of self-reinvention, seizing various creative opportunities, such as screenwriting, which have proven lucrative for him. Nonetheless, he has encountered challenges along the way, including navigating gatekeepers within the Churchill Show platform, which he described as “a living hell” due to their resistance to his success.

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