‘Butita Has Children & A Wife Hidden In His Rural Home’- Actress Jacky Vike

Comedian Eddie Butita has been exposed by his fellow jester and actress Jacky Vike, also known  as Awinja. The actress, during a recent interview with SPM Buzz, made a shocking revelation about Eddie Butita; which is quite intriguing since the jester has kept his relationship(s) private for a long time.

As we all know, Butita is an epitome of true hardwork; and he has shown it over the years. Despite having built an empire for himself, Butita has never disclosed anything about having a family or divulged about the love of his life.

But Jacky claims that Butita already has a wife & children; whom he has been hiding at his rural home for a while.

‘Butita akona bibi na watoto ushago. Hio ni kitu alinishow.”

When asked why she thinks Butita is keeping the information under wraps, Jacky responded;

”I don’t know. Unajua mambo ya wanaume ni ngumu.”

This comes after Eddie Butita was rumoured to be dating Sadia; whom they boarded a helicopter together while attending an event.

But the latter came to pass after Sadia was rumoured to be dating another man.

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