Carol Katrue Makes Miracle Baby Drink Her Breast Milk (Video)

Popular Gengetone artist & now Mugithi singer Miracle Baby’s girlfriend Carol Katrue pulled a pranked on him and made him drink breast milk without his knowledge.

Katrue, through their YouTube, shared the prank video, where Miracle Baby is seen enjoying a cup of tea before she reveals that the tea was actually made with her own breast milk.

Miracle almost vomits after learning that the tea was made of breast milk. He shared the video on his Instagram and captioned;

”Kwani naishi na mganga sasa mbona unipikie chai na maziwa ya mtoto surely ????????”

The two lovebirds currently have a month old baby together. The intriguing thing is that they’re expecting another child, barely a month after welcoming their first child together.

Peter Miracle Baby's Girlfriend Carol Katrue Reveals She Is Pregnant Just a Month After Welcoming Her Son

The elated mother of one shared the news with her fans, posting a pregnancy kit with the caption:

“There is fire on the mountain.”

Miracle baby replied to the post with an apology noting that is just three weeks after welcoming their baby and here is more news.

Watch their video here


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