Carol Katrue requests prayers in advance of Miracle Baby’s third operation

Musician Miracle Baby underwent his third surgery on Tuesday afternoon, as revealed by his girlfriend Carol Katrue, who shared a photo of the singer on her Instagram stories along with a request for prayers.

Miracle Baby has been battling a gastrointestinal condition, and this recent surgery is part of his ongoing medical treatment.

In January, Katrue explained that Miracle Baby has been dealing with the stomach issues since 2018 when he had his first surgery. The initial surgery aimed to remove a growth, and subsequent complications have led to multiple medical interventions.

Katrue shared details about the recurring problem, stating, “So on Sunday when we came to the hospital, we assumed it was the same thing. The family thought it was a simple and fast procedure. This was not the case. We were sent to do a CT Scan, and it was discovered that there was still a problem with his intestines.”

She continued, “For two days, they tried using a pipe and medicine, but nothing worked. On Wednesday last week, his stomach was swollen; he couldn’t eat. He couldn’t go to the toilet. He went for an emergency surgery. They found intestines zimepasuka, zikamwaga choo kwa tumbo. Tumbo ikasaifishwa. So they stitched him up, then found the wound was leaking something.”

The continuous medical challenges highlight the complexity of Miracle Baby’s condition, and the couple is seeking support and prayers during this difficult time.

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