Carol Sonnie Implies Her Wedding Will Surpass Mulamwah’s Traditional Wedding

Mulamwah’s baby mama, Carol Sonnie, has taken to social media to hint at a new relationship while subtly criticizing his recent traditional wedding ceremony with Ruth K.

During a recent question-and-answer session with fans, Sonnie revealed that she is currently in a relationship but has not yet introduced her new partner to the public. She described the man as camera-shy but promised that his unveiling will be a grand affair.

“The day I decide to introduce my man, the whole world will come to a standstill,” Sonnie declared, implying that her partner’s introduction would far surpass the attention garnered by Mulamwah’s traditional wedding.

Sonnie also disclosed that she has removed Mulamwah’s surname from their daughter’s name, a significant move that underscores the ongoing tension between the two.

Their relationship has been plagued by child support drama since their daughter’s birth in September 2021. The couple publicly announced their breakup in December 2021, with Mulamwah revealing that he had ended the relationship when Sonnie was three months pregnant.

Sonnie’s recent comments and actions have reignited public interest in the evolving saga of her relationship with Mulamwah, as she continues to make personal revelations that capture the attention of social media audiences.

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