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Carrol Sonie Shaves Her Signature Dreadlocks (Photo)

September 09, 2022 at 10:14
Carrol Sonie Shaves Her Signature Dreadlocks (Photo)

Comedian Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie has just turned over a new leaf after shaving off her signature dreads- which were, of course, her favorite as she kept them for very many years despite fans’ denigratory statements on her not changing the style.

While they were still in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Mulamwah, numerous fans criticized the jester for not taking his chick to salon for a re-touch or a change of the hairstyle. But a typical Mulamwah didn’t bow down to public pressure. He kept his cool and maintained that it was not his fault for Carrol to decide to keep her hair.

In the grand scheme of things, it was all Carrol’s choice. And maybe, she would still be willing to keep it right now; since she has confessed how dearly she will miss her previous look.

”I will definitely miss you😭😭😭,” she wrote on her Instagram stories while sharing a video of the dreads being cut off.

Now, one of the possibilities of Carrol’s choice to pull down the dreads might be because of her new lover. You know how you can find new love but your partner wants you to change a thing or two about yourself? This is what I’m thinking, since she recently bagged herself another man. But who knows? Maybe it was a decision she made herself. Below are more photos of her transformation;


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