Celebrities from Kenya honor Gen. Ogolla

Kenyan celebrities have expressed their condolences following the tragic passing of General Francis Ogolla, who lost his life in a helicopter crash along with 11 other individuals. Currently, two survivors are undergoing treatment at the hospital.

In response to the President’s announcement regarding the General’s demise, several Kenyan celebrities took to social media to honor his memory. Here are some of their reactions:

Chipukeezy: My heartfelt condolences to the families and the entire KDF fraternity for the tragic loss of the courageous Four-Star General Francis Ogolla, who dedicated his life to serving our country.

Njambi Koikai: This is deeply painful. Rest in eternal peace, General Francis Ogolla, and all the other brave members of our security forces who were aboard that ill-fated helicopter.

MwalimChurchill: Rest in peace, Chief of Defence Forces, Francis Ogolla. Thank you for your outstanding service to our nation. We salute you.

Charlene Ruto: General Francis Ogolla was more than just our Chief of Defence Forces; he was a true advocate for young people and had one of the kindest hearts. I’m still in disbelief over what has happened. Rest in eternal peace.

MCA Tricky: Farewell, General, our beloved CDF. Rest in power.

MC Jessy: Rest well, CDF. May the Almighty God grant you eternal peace. Amen.

Michael Gitonga: Farewell, General! I will always remember the valuable lesson you taught me about “The last instruction.” Your calm yet resolute demeanor will be dearly missed. Just yesterday at Bomas, I escorted you to your rightful place to receive the Commander-in-Chief. Rest in peace, General Ogolla.

Babu Owino: May you rest in peace, CDF Francis Ogolla. Your untimely death has left us in shock and sorrow.

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