Celebrity Fahreed Khimani discusses his addiction and upcoming nuptials

Celebrated media personality Fareed Khimani has openly discussed his journey through addiction, shedding light on the toll it took on his personal life, including his marriage and relationship with his children.

In an interview with Nailantei Kenga, Fareed delved into the hurdles he encountered and the insights he gained from growing up without a father figure.

Struggling with addiction led Fareed to seek rehabilitation in South Africa, but amidst the challenges, he drew strength and inspiration from his children.

“My children have shown me the essence of unconditional love. Rebuilding my rapport with my ex-wife as a friend and being there for my kids has been a transformative journey,” he revealed.

Reflecting on his upbringing, Fareed acknowledged the absence of paternal guidance in his life.

“My father had his own demons, and while genuine affection was lacking, he provided for us adequately. I’ve come to terms with it and forgiven him,” he expressed.

Determined to be a positive influence on his children, Fareed expressed his wish for them to remember him as a present and supportive father, rather than dwelling on his past struggles.

“I want my children to recall that I did my utmost to be there for them,” he emphasized.

In his path to recovery, Fareed redirected his focus towards healthier pursuits.

“I channel my energy into rigorous workouts, dive into my work, and cherish moments over coffee with close friends. I’ve also made a conscious effort to steer clear of late-night revelries and post-event gatherings,” he shared.

Despite overcoming addiction, Fareed faced another poignant setback with the loss of his mother.

“My mum’s passing is a mix of emotions,” he confided.

“During her illness, I made it a point to be by her side, sober, something she hadn’t witnessed for most of my adult life. It’s a regret that will linger,” he lamented.

When asked about his romantic life, Khimani disclosed that he is in a relationship and has introduced his partner to his children.

He also divulged plans for a birthday getaway to the Seychelles in June and hinted at the prospect of tying the knot within the next couple of years.

“We’re arranging a trip to Seychelles for our birthdays in June. The wedding could be in the next year or two. I recently informed my kids about her, marking a significant step,” he disclosed.

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