Chantal Grazioli’s ex man appears in court on domestic violence charges (Video)

It’s indeed not a good day for Nicola Traldi who is facing domestic violence charges after he allegedly beat up Chantal Grazioli this past weekend.

The viral story shared by Eric Omondi took many by surprise – maybe – because we never saw it coming. Before the violence, we had gotten used to seeing the lady share couple goals photos alongside her man, Nicola; but for some reason he never reciprocated the love shown by Chantal. Red flag.

Well, they say in a relationship there’s that one  person that falls into deep without realizing it and I guess in this case – it was Chantal.

Nicola arraigned in court

Anyway as we have already seen, this relationship was toxic on the low until the night Nicola decided to go rogue on Chanty.

Traldi arraigned in court (photo courtesy)

Although he claims he has been framed, the evidence and witnesses seem to have a different story. Maybe just maybe he is suffering from amnesia caused by alcohol he had consumed leaving me to wonder – how drunk was he?

But now that the case is already in court – let’s see what happens.

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