Chipukeezy divulges information about Andrew Kibe’s contentious ascent

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Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy has ignited conversations, asserting that the controversial media personality Andrew Kibe is a product of the very industry that now struggles to rein him in.

The outspoken MC, known for his candid opinions, openly admitted to aligning with some of Kibe’s controversial perspectives, particularly those regarding feminism and its impact on various industries in Kenya.

Chipukeezy was straightforward, stating, “There are other things he talks about that I take sides with him. I agree with him super. Like those things, he says about feminism and how it has affected industries in Kenya, those things we have talked about… Kibe does things, and you know why I believe it’s facts? Because they took him, tried to play those games with him, and he understood the craft of speaking out. So nobody knows how to deal with Kibe.”

Kibe, renowned for his outspoken nature, has encountered criticism from notable figures such as Jalas, Mulamwah, Eric Omondi, and Akothee, who believe he should exercise his influence more responsibly. Despite facing backlash, Kibe persists in expressing his opinions boldly, often stirring controversy on various issues affecting Kenyans.

Chipukeezy contends that Kibe’s emergence as a potent voice in the media landscape is not accidental. “Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry because…And this is how the Kenyan industry works; it’s just that Andrew Kibe bites them. They created a lion that bites them.”

Chipukeezy alleges that Kibe’s televised presence was a strategic move by the industry, replacing someone else to fulfill a specific agenda. “It is a game in this radio business. They wanted him to speak like that because those were the same things he was saying.”

The comedian underscores that the industry initially embraced Kibe’s rugged and rule-breaking approach. However, as Kibe turned his critical eye towards influential figures, the industry grappled with the monster it had brought into existence. “They are comfortable with him saying those things about others. But now he has started saying this about their friends.”

Chipukeezy asserts that Kibe’s popularity soared as numerous media offers poured in, fueled by misconceptions about his persona. “They thought he is a clown; they thought maybe he is an intelligent person; they thought he is not what he says.”

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