Chipukeezy: Firmly endorsing one of Andrew Kibe’s most divisive viewpoints

Comedian Chipukeezy asserts that Andrew Kibe is a product of the industry. Speaking on the Iko Nini podcast, the MC expressed his agreement with some of Kibe’s controversial views.

Chipukeezy suggested that he aligns with Kibe’s perspective on feminism. “There are other things he talks about, and I take sides with him. I agree with him super. Like those things he says about feminism and how it has affected industries in Kenya, those things we have talked about, like marketing managers… Various things.”

“Kibe does things, and you know why I know it’s facts, because they took him, they tried to play those games with him. So, he is an intelligent person, he is smart. He is able to see. Then, when he understood this craft of speaking out, he became a proper creation. So, nobody knows how to deal with Kibe.”

Kibe has faced criticism from various individuals, including Jalas, Mulamwah, Eric Omondi, and Akothee, who haven’t spared the former radio presenter.

Chipukeezy emphasized that Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry. “Andrew Kibe is a creation of the industry because…And this is how the Kenyan industry works, it’s just that Andrew Kibe bites them. They created a lion that bites them.”

“They created a monster. Kibe was very rough, spoke in a language we hadn’t heard, breaking radio rules. They could no longer deal with him. It’s like bringing someone from Kayole Lavi and they tell you the truth. He tells you that you can buy spinach for ten bob. And that’s where you grow up.”

Chipukeezy noted the shift when Kibe began challenging them. “They are comfortable with him saying those things about others. But now it is like he has started saying this about their friends.”

According to Chipukeezy, multiple media offers came because “they thought he is a clown, they thought maybe he is an intelligent person, they thought he is not what he says.”

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