Chipukeezy: Most celebrity unions in Kenya are commercial arrangements rather than genuine unions

Renowned comedian Chipukeezy has stirred controversy with his recent assertions regarding the authenticity of relationships among Kenyan celebrities.

In a candid revelation, the comedian alleges that many celebrity romances are not genuine connections but rather strategic maneuvers aimed at profiting through social media endorsements.

Chipukeezy contends that what the public perceives as authentic love stories are often carefully crafted narratives designed to attract endorsements and influence within the entertainment industry.

“There is nothing sweet in this world like something that is straightforward. The truth is couples fight all the time, any couple all over the world will disagree, that’s a fact, except our celebrity couples,” said Chipukeezy.

He goes on to explain that behind the facade of perfect couplehood portrayed on social media, there is a harsh reality of business-driven relationships.

“This is something anyone with a clear mind would find unreal and rather funny. But you see, our celebrities have to drive this narrative of perfect couple goals every other day because it is business. How then will they land endorsements and influencing gigs if they don’t act the part? The industry wants to sell products, and so these guys have to act the part,” he adds.

According to Chipukeezy, the pressure on celebrities to maintain the illusion of a flawless relationship arises from the need to secure lucrative deals and remain relevant in the competitive industry. He cites extravagant holidays and high-profile club appearances as examples of activities driven by financial incentives rather than genuine affection.

“These things of celebrity couples going for a vacation in Seychelles and all these exotic places—there is money there, millions of shillings. There is money in the club business—when they host or make an appearance. This is the reality; a majority of celebrity couple unions aren’t real but influencing tools for the industry to make money,” he insists.

Chipukeezy had previously claimed that during his time as a radio presenter at Kiss FM, the station created a bad boy image for him to attract business, and he was encouraged to get involved in showbiz scandals.

Reflecting on past incidents, including a notorious dispute with fellow entertainer CMB Prezzo over a lady, Chipukeezy expresses regret at being manipulated by the forces of the industry. He acknowledges the toll such manufactured drama has taken on his personal life and reputation.

“Right now, at 33 years of age, as Chipukeezy, when I look back and read things about myself, I just can’t comprehend. The narrative created, and the industry controlled me. I now understand why, for some reason, my mum was always worried about my life as a comedian because it was so chaotic as the industry benefitted from the drama.”

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