Chipukeezy reveals he slid into Starlet Wahu’s DMs

Chipukeezy’s recent podcast interview revealed a surprising connection with the late Starlet Wahu, sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari. He recalled connecting with Starlet on social media, eventually leading to an interview with her brother. He expressed gratitude for her help, though acknowledged the tragic turn of events.

“The saddest part is that I knew that lady. She introduced me to Kanyari. I remember one time Kanyari trended because of listening to secular music while coming from Machakos as the lady recorded him. I slid in her DM. I am not sure if it was Kanyari I was looking for or her, but I slid in that DM.”

Kanyari, during a church service, painted a heartbreaking picture of his sister’s final moments. He described Starlet’s trust in a man she met online, believing his promises of love and wealth. This deception led her to a dinner, a club, and ultimately, a deadly night in a hotel room.

“When I saw it, one thing that I said was that it does not matter what she did; nobody deserves to die like that. Our society is taking the wrong direction when it comes to that lifestyle.”

The assailant, revealed to be a serial killer, demanded money from Starlet, escalating the situation into a violent confrontation. Unable to reach her brother and faced with escalating threats, Starlet resisted, resulting in a fatal stabbing. Kanyari recounted her struggle, withdrawing money but ultimately falling victim to the attacker’s brutality.

This tragedy highlights the dangers of trusting strangers online and the importance of exercising caution. Starlet’s story, shared both by Chipukeezy and Kanyari, serves as a reminder to be aware of potential threats and prioritize personal safety.

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