Chipukeezy Takes Aim at Media Outlet: Accuses Them of Exploiting “Bad Boy” Image

Image: Chipukeezy blames weight gain on alcohol

Popular comedian Chipukeezy has launched a fiery attack on his former employer, accusing them of manipulating his public image and prioritizing profit over artist well-being. He claims the media group, most notably Radio Africa, exploited his involvement in a 2015 incident with rapper CMB Prezzo to solidify his “bad boy” image for their own gain.

Fueling the Flames:

The incident, a minor disagreement quickly resolved between the two artists, was allegedly blown out of proportion by the media to generate clickbait. Chipukeezy asserts that Radio Africa, which ran Radio 100 where he worked at the time, actively fueled the narrative through their platforms like Mpasho and even encouraged him to play into the “bad boy” persona on air.

A Pattern of Exploitation:

Chipukeezy doesn’t stand alone in his accusations. He points to the swift departures of Obinna and the controversial dismissal of Shaffie Weru, both former personalities affiliated with Radio Africa. He argues that the group cultivates particular narratives around talents to attract advertisers, disregarding the artists’ true identities and pushing them towards conforming to an often-damaging persona.

Reclaiming the Narrative:

At 33, Chipukeezy reflects on the impact of this manipulation. He recognizes how the manufactured image affected his career and personal life, even raising concerns for his own safety. He cites instances where his comedic persona influenced event bookings, highlighting the dissonance between the artist he is and the one the media portrayed.

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