Chipukeezy: We can’t legalize Bhangi. I’ve done my research 

Comedian Chipukeezy who doubles up as Nacada director has said that Kenya will not decriminalize marijuana because we are not yet ready.

“Yes, marijuana has a medicinal aspect, but the reason we can’t legalise it is because we don’t have the capacity to do that,” he said, adding, “We’ve already legalised alcohol and we are unable to control it and people are dying every day.”

The comedian said he has been researching on the issue and in the process realized that it has been a recurring problem even before he was born therefore needs a new way of approach.

“I’ve done my research and realised the drug peddling was here even before I was born and it’s going up. I figured the only way to fight drug and alcohol abuse is to educate our people. It should be a lesson, just like we were taught about HIV-Aids in school. Yes, it’s in the curriculum but it’s still shallow,” Chipukeezy added.



He said that educating people on drug is the best way to fight addictions and not necessarily building rehabs.

“Right now I’m pushing to explore it further. Nowadays, we have the Internet, so they will know about it. We should tell kids the effects of these drugs. The solution to all these problems is information. If we inform our people, we can end all these, including corruption. Like when I’m in school, teach me integrity,” he noted.


“I’d want to build many rehabilitation facilities for the people who are already addicted; that I educated people about drugs—a generation where this is not only taught in church but in every gathering. Where a neighbour can advise a son’s neighbour when they see him doing drugs.”


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