Chipukeezy wells up to tears at Ayeiya’s memorial and reveals these intricate details about the man(photo)

Ayeiya’s memorial went down yesterday at Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC) in Karen where close and friends and family were given a chance to bid farewell to the man who had warmed up many Kenyans hearts with his hilarious jokes.

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The most affected people in the memorial were members of the Churchill fraternity led by Churchill himself who broke into tears after reminiscing all the great times they had shared with the man; furthermore, they knew him better than the rest of us would ever come to imagine.

The most affected however must have been Chipukeezy as Ayeiya played a huge role into shaping his career and making him the notable figure he is.

Just like he had his own slogan Ayeiya poa poa, he spent endless hours with Chipukeezy formulating one for the latter and soon enough they were successful to come up with Itakua aje ishakua, the slogan Chipukeezy has since made his trademark.

Now how touching is that?

Check out the post Vinnie made that will also make you want to shed a tear or two:


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