Chipukzeezy after Kenyans complained he’s mocking guests on his show: I’m glad about the feedback. It means they are watching

Kenyans have been complaining about Chipukeezy and his show on Ebru TV with many saying he’s always arrogant and puts down his guests.

Several celebrities have also complained that Chipukeezy mocked them on the show. Artists like Otile Brown, Trap King Chrome and even Vera Sidika have blasted him stating that he’s always after making them look bad.


Chipukeezy recently spoke to Pulse Magazine and shared that he’s not after making his guests look bad. Actually, he said people miss understand him since the show is technically aimed at giving guys a platform.

“I think people sometimes misunderstand me, and generally what this show is all about. It is supposed to be both funny but full of content. I talk to people on the trend, popular or unpopular,” he said. 

He went on to add that people will adjust to the show and maybe understand later on that it’s all about giving upcoming faces a platform and not stars. He was glad, however, for the feedback Kenyans gave him.

“I give people a platform to explain and express themselves to the society over things they could be misunderstood about. It is not just about talking to stars who have made it. I think with time, people will understand what this is all about. I’m glad about the feedback. It means they are watching,” he said.

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