This was Chris Kirubi’s response after Sonko offered him a job if he gets elected Governor…so humiliating

Before you go around offering people jobs like Sonko, please make sure to call them first or at least get to know them.

The man is learning this the hard way after he publicly offered Chris Kirubi a job on Facebook, Chief Economic Advisor just to be specific without asking him first.

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The aspiring Governor is on a hunt for Nairobi’s vote and it seems he’s getting carried away with the whole process. Because apart from naming Chris Kirubi, he also named dropped Jimnah Mbaru and Phillip Gakuo who are supposed to be his running mates( we highly doubt he has consulted them).

Well Chris Kirubi was having none of it, calling out Sonko for his actions.

“How do you offer a job to someone you have never met or spoken to. I don’t know this man neither do I know his number,” said the businessman.

“I am not interested in politics. I work for international organisations and I have no time for Sonko’s job offer,” he added.

Now that is rough!

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