Christina Shusho Opens Up About Leaving Her Husband

Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho has revealed the reason behind her departure from the marital home. In a recent interview, Shusho emphasized her honesty and explained that a divine calling, experienced through a dream, led her to pursue a new path.

“I want to be completely transparent,” Shusho said. “This is a calling, not a separation. God’s assignment for this season requires me to move forward on my own.”

Shusho assured fans that her decision was amicable. She spoke about respectfully discussing the situation with her husband and receiving his support in following her calling.

“I explained that I would carry this burden, just as I always have,” Shusho said. “There were no problems. We understand each other’s callings are different, even though we were united in marriage.”

Shusho elaborated on the importance of respecting individual callings, even within a marriage.

“Kuolewa ni part. lakini alichokiweka Mungu ndani yenu ni vitu viwili tofauti. Mungu anaweza akakuwekea hichi na mii hiki. Kinachotakiwa tu mfike kwenye agreement. Nilewe alicho nacho mwenzangu na yeye aelewe nilicho nachoalafu yione ni wapi tunaweza kukutania,” she said.

She further elaborated that she’s not comfortable being referred to as a pastor.

“I don’t like people calling me a pastor. Si kwamba sifanyi kazi ya upastor but I think I have more than I must do.”

Shusho’s talent in gospel music has been recognized both far & wide. And she’s currently one of the most sought after gospel artists in East Africa.

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