Christina Shusho previews a new song called “Zakayo,” calling Kenyans uncontrollably

Tanzanian gospel sensation Christina Shusho has unleashed another potential hit with her latest song titled “Zakayo,” inspired by the biblical figure Zacchaeus from Luke chapter 19.


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Teasing the song’s release on April 22, 2024, through social media, Shusho gave fans a taste of the Swahili lyrics, narrating the story of the tax collector Zakayo’s encounter with Jesus.

Although the official release date remains undisclosed, the song has already sparked a buzz on social media, drawing thousands of reactions. Notably, Kenyans have latched onto the title, playfully suggesting that Shusho use images of President William Ruto, affectionately nicknamed Zakayo, for the song’s cover.


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President Ruto, known for his tax policies, including new levies and increases, has embraced the moniker despite its negative connotations. He reaffirmed his commitment to making tough decisions for the country’s benefit, regardless of public opinion.

As anticipation builds for the “Zakayo” song, Shusho’s fans eagerly await its release, curious about Kenyans’ response. Three years ago, Shusho captivated audiences with her song “Shusha Nyavu” (Cast Your Nets), based on Luke 5:4-6, which garnered over 13 million views on YouTube.

Her continued success and unwavering popularity suggest that Shusho’s musical journey is far from over.

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