Ciru Muriuki does the unexpected just to prove she’s not dating Larry Madowo


Larry Madowo and Ciru Muriuki have been said to be secretly dating even though no one has ever proved it. Ciru has now put the whole matter to rest.

Ciku Muriuki and Larry Madowo’s chemistry on the screen has been mistaken by many people for a romantic relationship.

The Trend panelist caused a stir when she was seen kissing and cuddling amorously with a man whose face wasn’t clearly seen in a photo she uploaded online.

Ciru Muriuki cuddling with her ‘anonymous’ boyfriend

Rumormongers quickly suggested that the mysterious person who was cozying up with Ciru was none other than NTV anchor – Larry Madowo.

Ciru had enough of the gossips and misinformation and she decided to act. She went on and unmasked her sweetheart for the whole world to see.

Ciru Muriuki was forced to unmask her sweetheart just to prove he wasn’t Larry Madowo

“OK guys. Everyone chill. This here is bae..who looks NOTHING like Larry Madowo . Now can we all just calm down?” Ciru Muriuki posted.

Now that Ciru’s boyfriend is not Larry Madowo, who is Larry dating?




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