Citizen TV Fashion Watch panelist Carol Odero speaks about being called ugly 

Fashion judge Carol Odera is one fashionable lady today but here journey to get there has been tough.

The Citizen TV fashion watch panelist recently opened up of how people used to call her ugly and trolled her online while starting out.

Speaking to Couture Magazine, Odera said that she spent a lot of money on her skin after developing acne but it didn’t really help much then.

“My flawless skin broke out at 29… I sunk money into skincare and lifestyle. I got trolled for having acne. Threads confident in my ugly. That was actually the word used. Ugly. Other women were effortlessly beautiful so why was I working so hard to earn mine dammit! It would seem I was destined to be on the wrong side of beauty my entire life,” she disclosed on Couture Magazine.

Embraced myself

People also mocked her for being too black and strong but she learned how to embrace her beauty and eventually turned it into a success.

“After years of being told I was too black, that my hair was too something, my arms too toned, my body a little too strong and agile looking, my muchness simply too much, a switch flipped in my head. I hate this cliché but it is ever so perfect. I found my beauty as dramatic as it was. I embraced me,” she said.

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