Coast Guards Rescue 8-Months Old Baby Thrown Into Indian Ocean By Its Mother

In a horrifying incident, an eight-month-old baby was thrown into the Indian Ocean at the Likoni Ferry Channel, prompting a swift rescue operation by coast guards and volunteers.

According to witnesses, the baby was tossed into the water by its own mother. Thankfully, the prompt response of the rescue team saved the infant from a tragic fate.

The Kenya Red Cross confirmed the rescue in a statement, expressing gratitude to the rescue team for their heroism.

“An 8-month-old child, miraculously saved after a distressing incident in the Indian Ocean, is now safe at the Kenya Red Cross rescue center,” the statement read. “Thanks to swift action and our heartfelt gratitude to the rescue team.

A video circulating online captures the dramatic moment when coast guards and volunteers, armed with floaters, raced against time to save the baby. The incident has sparked outrage and calls for justice among Kenyans.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko joined the chorus of condemnation, expressing disbelief at the mother’s actions.

“This is totally unacceptable,” Sonko stated. “Humans have the capacity to be heartless against each other, but I admire the fact that they also possess the capacity to come through for victims of the said heartlessness. In some cases, even risking their own lives.”

Social media users demanded severe punishment for the mother, with some calling for a life sentence.

“I wonder whether struggling with her kid was better than rotting in prison,” one netizen remarked.

This shocking incident serves as a stark reminder of the depths of human cruelty and the importance of safeguarding the lives of innocent children. The swift and courageous actions of the rescue team deserve immense praise, while the perpetrator must face severe consequences for their heinous act.

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