Comedian Chipukeezy in hot soup after being rude during live interview 

Comedian Chipukeezy is now a Director in the board of the National Authority for the Campaign Against alcohol Drug Abuse (NACADA) after being appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

May be, just may be, with such an appointed, you start changing and mistreating people. At least that’s what his fans now think.

Respect the King

The comedian has been attacked by his fans following an interview with Trap King Chrome which they believe Chipukeezy was just too rude.

Chipukeezy in his program “Chipukeezy Show” on Ebru, interviewed Chrome, an upcoming rapper who has been trending for the better part of last week not because of his music, but from a viral date on Ebru TV’s ‘Perfect Match’.

Fans believe the comedian was rude to the rapper during the interview. Chrome is a controversial artiste who is known for songs such a ‘Bring Em Out’, ‘Looking For Someday’ and also stars in Nairobi Dairies.

Here’s what fans said:

Chipukeezy you need to respect Trap, he is way smarter than you. He might be crazy and weird but that does not give you the right to lowball him
I keep tellin people that Chipukeezy thinks he is the best of all, Making fun of upcoming artist.He started somewhere like any other artists but he has pure despice for others..Madharau mingi sana.
Chipukeezy is just disrespectful towards most of his guests and its becoming cringe worthy to watch this show. Just trash! Yeye na Erico na hiyo kampuni yao kwa dustbin moja!!!
I hate this chipukeezy he thinks he is better than evryone else and no interview skills
Chipukeezy, I will advice you to do an intensive research on all your guests and avoid being so negative on everybody. More so, I noticed you are looking down on people like Trap and Msupa S…like asking, “Are you high on something?” The comment is so disrespectful yet it’s all about entertainment.
Chipukizi you are too much, Cool down!

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