Comedian Eric Omondi To Unveil Daughter’s Face Following Ksh 50 Million Payment

Renowned Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has announced that he will be revealing the face of his daughter, Kyla Omondi, on Thursday, November 24, 2023. This decision comes after an anonymous individual paid the stipulated fee of Ksh 50 million for the exclusive right to showcase the child’s face to the public.

In July of this year, Omondi, who has also taken on the role of an activist, made the surprising announcement that he would not be unveiling his daughter’s face on social media for free. He explained that he would be charging a substantial Ksh 50 million for the reveal.

“Revealing my child’s face will not be cheap,” Omondi stated. “In order for me to unveil the face of my child, I will need to be paid Ksh 50 million. Whoever offers that amount, even if it’s a newspaper, will be the ones to showcase her face. My child’s face is very rare and precious.”

Omondi jokingly remarked that he kept the fee relatively low, considering the challenging economic conditions facing the country.

The comedian has now claimed that someone paid the Ksh 50M just for the face reveal.

” Kuna bazuu amefika bei. Kuna mtu amewalipia kuona princess, 50M ya Kyla nakula tu polepole,

The decision to charge for the reveal of his daughter’s face has sparked a range of reactions, with some questioning the comedian’s motives while others expressing understanding of his financial needs. Regardless of the public’s opinion, Omondi has remained firm in his stance, emphasizing the value of privacy and the need to protect his daughter’s image.

All eyes will be on Omondi on Thursday as he prepares to unveil the face of his daughter, Kyla, to the world. The reveal, shrouded in anticipation and intrigue, is sure to generate significant buzz and media attention.

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