Conjestina’s mother: My daughter sunk into drug abuse after she was kicked out of rehab in Homa Bay

Boxer Conjestina Achieng’ was on Friday November 2nd flown to the capital for treatment courtesy of Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

Sonko decided to fly Conje to Nairobi for treatment after video surfaced on social media showing the former boxing great begging to survive.

Conjestina’s mother Getrude Auma has since explained how her daughter ended up in the situation she was in before Sonko came to her rescue.

Speaking during an interview with The Nairobian, Auma revealed that her daughter was taken to a rehabilitation centre in Homa Bay courtesy of a local betting firm early this year.

The rehab however kicked Conje out before she completed her treatment. Her mother says that the facility couldn’t tolerate her daughter because of her aggression.

“It was supposed to be a six-month treatment plan and the company paid all the money. However, the facility’s management kicked her out after three months for what they termed Conje’s aggression which threatened other clients,” said Conje’s mother.

Drug use
Conjestina Achieng' at a hospital in Nairobi after she was flown to the capital for treatment courtesy of Mike Sonko
Conjestina Achieng’ at a hospital in Nairobi after she was flown to the capital for treatment courtesy of Mike Sonko

Auma further reveals that Conje sunk into drug abuse after she returned home from the rehab. She says that Conje used to leave home in the morning and returned late at night, and that she would attack people sometimes.

“From that day, we have never seen peace in this home. Sometimes we get calls informing us that she has been attacked for provoking people in the neighbourhood or in the market.”

Conje’s mother also reveals that people took advantage of her daughter’s situation before she was finally helped by Nairobi governor.

“Some people took advantage of the situation and started making money from her condition. We know of people who visited us, took pictures with her and used them to make money.”






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