Corazon Kwamboka Reverts To Her Exquisite Body Shape After Hitting The Gym

City lawyer and socialite Corazon Kwamboka has shared a tremendous body transformation after hitting the gym for months.

The mother of two took to her Instagram to share photos of her transformation; sharing her secret behind the transformation.

”Consistency is truly the key to transformation! 💪🔑 For the past 3 months, I’ve been hitting the gym, focusing on weight training for both my upper and lower body,” she started off.

She continued;

I’ve also made a conscious effort to minimize alcohol and prioritize getting enough restful sleep. And guess what? My waist is slowly disappearing! 🙌 It’s interesting how our bodies work differently, right? For me, the midsection is the first to shed off weight, while the thighs tend to be the last. But you know what? We are all beautifully made in the image of God, and with consistent effort, we can achieve our dream bodies! 💫 So, I’m staying committed and working hard to reach my goals. Join me on this journey, and let’s embrace the power of consistency together!

Corazon has been a gym fanatic over the years, before and after giving birth to her two kids. Her passion for gym has been evidence over the years. Her curvy body has been an admiration to most men & women. For now, Corazon is still single; until otherwise.

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