Counties where there will be a power outage today: KPLC

Today, Kenya Power has announced scheduled power interruptions affecting various areas in Kiambu and Bungoma counties.

In Kiambu, the planned interruptions will occur between 8 am and 5 pm, impacting several locations including BTL Police, Kenya Tents, Ruai Prison, Redland Roses, parts of OJ, Shell OJ Petrol Station, Membley Riverside, Sweet Water, Little More, Tatu City, Crawford International School, Hardy Kenya, and adjacent customers.

Meanwhile, in Bungoma, the affected areas include Webuye Town, Webuye Sub-County Hospital, Nabuyole Water Treatment Plant, Site and Service, Milo, Kakimayi, Khalumuli, Matulo, Sango, Pan African Chemical, Matete, Chebwayi, Mbande, Kuuywa, Nabwala, Mang’ana, Johari Maize Mill, Hongera Maize Mill, Lufwindiri, Nzoia Lurare, St. Paul’s Nzoia, Munyikana, Malaha, Wenyila, Bunjosi, Sirisia, Jaggery, and adjacent customers. The power outage in Bungoma is scheduled from 9 am to 2 pm.

Kenya Power has clarified that these interruptions are part of routine maintenance and upgrade works aimed at improving the reliability of the power supply infrastructure.

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