Daddy Owen practicing celibacy is all talk; Gospel singer is getting some action

Former gospel singer Daddy Owen was recently looking for a kienyeji wife now that one Nairobi modernized woman did him dirty. As you’ve heard, rumor has it that daddy Owen’s first wife eloped with a certain wealthy man leaving the singer battling mixed feelings and depression.

Maybe because he never saw it coming but again….chances are that the marriage was not as rosy as we had been made to believe hence forcing the lady to move on so fast after bagging a new man.

Well with her gone for almost 2 years – Daddy Owen recently revealed he was practicing celibacy – because as a saved Christian man – he is not allowed to get intimate with a woman who is not his wife.

Practicing celibacy online

Okay….maybe its true, right? Think about it this way – would he have managed to hit on a woman while in a depressed state? Ama could it be that there was someone else already in the picture and to avoid story mingi…he decided to announce he is celibate?

Daddy Owen with alleged girlfriend

Well we can’t really tell but what we know is that Daddy Owen recently shared a photo with a certain light skinned lady and from the comments....nikama Daddy Owen alipata mutu…na sio kienyeji.

Like I said….Daddy Owen is practicing his celibacy online but vitu kwa ground ni different.

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