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Daddy’s girl! Jaguar’s little princess turns a year older and this is how her party went down

March 30, 2017 at 07:56
Jaguar's daughter, Toria

If there is a person who never forgets to celebrate his children’s birthday, it would be Jaguar. Each and every year we have seen him celebrate his daughters birthdays and just recently he decided to surprise his princess, Toria in school where the bash went down.

The father of three and now an aspiring politician as he announced to be running for the parliamentary seat of Nairobi’s Starehe has always put his children first and as Toria turned a year older he couldn’t miss the celebration for anything else in the world.

Jaguar's daughters, Tamara and Toria

Jaguar’s daughters, Tamara and Toria

From the photos he shared on his Instagram, there was plenty of cake and goodies for the kids to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. He also went ahead to appreciate the little girl for being the best thing that has ever happened to her (bet he feels the same way about his other kids). He wrote to say,

As long as I keep showering my love on my daughter,I will be happy now and forever…..Happy birthday princess Toria.

Jaguar's daughter, Toria

Jaguar’s daughter, Toria

Well,if you haven’t noticed…baby Toria looks exactly like her father and there is no doubt this is why she is daddy’s baby girl.

Tamara, the eldest daughter was also present for her baby sisters birthday but their small brother was no where to be seen.

Jaguar's daughter, Tamara

Jaguar’s daughter, Tamara


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