Dennis Okari reveals what he did differently for his new wife than for Betty Kyallo

The payment of dowry is a significant ritual and tradition in many African nations, which differs from culture to culture.

To clarify why he did not pay dowry for his bride, media celebrity Dennis Okari disclosed a personal revelation about his marriage to Naomi Joy on Saturday, June 24. The pair had an honest discussion about their financial situation before getting married, which resulted in a special arrangement with Naomi’s family.

At a Daughters of Zion gathering at Jubilee Christian Church, Okari spoke candidly about the financial challenges he encountered while planning his wedding. He disclosed that he had an open discussion with his bride about his financial circumstances and his inability to pay the customary dowry in full.

“I never paid dowry. When you get into marriage, you learn it is like a transaction. My wife and I sat down, and I told her, ‘this is the money I have in my account. If your uncles want to charge me 10 cows and other things, I don’t have that kind of money.

So I’m going to give you a wedding, I’ll take you to a nice place for honeymoon, I’ll get you a house, but for now I don’t have this kind of money”

Along with his father and uncles, Okari paid a visit to Naomi’s family and was ready for the traditional dowry talks. He was pleasantly pleased, nevertheless, when Naomi’s family expressed their happiness without requesting any dowry money.

“They came out of the house and told me, you’re the luckiest human being on earth. They didn’t ask for anything”

The media celebrity stressed that even though he did not pay dowry in the conventional sense, he nonetheless found a different method to respect his wife and her family by building his mother-in-law a house a year after they got married.

“I never paid dowry but did something special,” Okari went on.

Okari revealed that the emotional suffering he went through during his first divorce made him originally swear off the idea of marrying again. But he acknowledged that a big part of his recovery came from his faith.

Okari talked about the role that God played in his life and how he was able to find and wed the bride for whom he had passionately prayed.

Having recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, Okari and Naomi are still devoted to one another and treasure their union.

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