Despite Global Success, Spider Clan Crew Struggled to Earn from ‘Kaveve Kazoze’

In a recent interview, members of the rising Gengetone group Spider Clan Crew revealed that they haven’t received any financial compensation for their smash hit “Kaveve Kazoze,” despite its immense popularity.

Ngesh, Banguz, Nguzu, and Mosray, the four members of the group, explained that they were initially unaware of their rights to monetize the song. They believed that the producer who created the beat owned the entire song and its profits.

“We didn’t receive anything from ‘Kaveve Kazoze,’ even though it was monetized. The beat owner has been receiving all the money,” the group disclosed.

They further elaborated that it wasn’t until the song garnered four million views that they discovered the possibility of monetizing it themselves.

“When the song hit four million views, we learned we could change the legal details and redirect the song’s income to us. We didn’t know anything about this before, but now we can monetize it. People think we’re rich and balling because of the song, but we got nothing from it. It gave us fame, but that’s it. The name is big, but there’s no money,” they lamented.

The group also revealed that they have successfully changed the ownership details of the song and will now receive the income generated from it. They further expressed their desire to perform at clubs and events, appealing to promoters who might be hesitant due to potential financial constraints.

“We’d like to call on club promoters to give us gigs and shows. We are calling upon them because when it comes to these other shows and concerts, the promoters are crying that there is no money,” they pleaded.

Despite the initial financial struggles, “Kaveve Kazoze” has undoubtedly garnered significant success. Released just six months ago, the song boasts over 4.2 million views and 63,000 likes on the Rieng Genje YouTube channel, solidifying Spider Clan Crew’s position as a rising force in the Kenyan music scene.

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