Diamond Declares Singledom, Leaving Zuchu Rumors In The Dust

Tanzanian music icon Diamond Platnumz has set off a media frenzy by declaring his single status, abruptly extinguishing the flames of romance rumors engulfing him and label signee Zuchu.

Fans, accustomed to Diamond’s high-profile romantic entanglements, were caught off guard by the cryptic social media message announcing his newfound solitude. His recent association with Zuchu, fueled by sizzling chemistry and their collaboration in Netflix’s ‘Young, Famous And African,’ had tongues wagging, making the sudden declaration all the more surprising.

Putting speculations to rest, Diamond took to his platforms, stating:

“From today onwards, I would like to officially announce that I am single. I am not dating or in a relationship with any woman.”

He further affirmed his usual practice of publicly acknowledging his partners, adding:

“Therefore, I do not want to be associated with any woman as my partner. If I decide to date or be in a relationship, I will inform and introduce her as I always do.”

Adding fuel to the fire, both Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote, and Zuchu’s mother, Khadija Kopa, have denied any romantic involvement between their children.

“He has never brought Zuchu to me and said he wants to marry her. What I know is that Zuchu is his artiste,” Mama Dangote declared, adding: “He can actually stay with 100 women but has not decided to marry. What I know is a wife is the one you take your dowry to.” Echoing Mama Dangote’s sentiments, Khadija Kopa reiterated that her daughter has not divulged any romantic relationship.

With Diamond’s pronouncement and his mother’s clear statement, the Zuchu romance chapter seems firmly closed. Whether this is a definitive declaration of singlehood or a strategic pause in the spotlight remains to be seen. Regardless, one thing is certain: Diamond Platnumz, ever the master of keeping the media on its toes, has once again stirred the pot, leaving fans hungry for the next chapter in his ever-unfolding saga.

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