Diamond Gets Creative Once Again As He Transforms Stage To Chinese Village

At the Wasafi Festival in Subawanga, Tanzania, on Saturday, singer Diamond Platnumz transformed the stage into a small Chinese village.

For the first 5-7 minutes of his performance, Diamond and his crew demonstrated a lot of creativity, with people dressed as Chinese people walking on stage and engaging in various activities.

Later, Diamond’s dancers stepped up and put on a display of Chinese martial arts and karate stunts. The crowd was so excited by the creativity that they were shouting at the top of their voices.

Before the crowd could even finish shouting and screaming, Diamond emerged from a small house on stage, also dressed as a Chinese person. He started his performance with his viral and trendy hit song Baba Lao, which was released three years ago.

The crowd accorded him a warm reception, as they could be seen jumping and singing along to the lyrics of the song.

In short, Diamond Platnumz put on a spectacular show at the Wasafi Festival, and his fans loved it!

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