Diamond Platnumz confirms his attendance at one of Diddy’s infamous parties

Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz has finally opened up about his meeting with American rap mogul Sean Combs, also known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or simply Diddy.

In a recent interview, Diamond shed some light on his rendezvous with Diddy, which occurred during the previous US elections. Although the specifics of their interaction remain somewhat mysterious, Diamond hinted at its significance, suggesting that certain details were intentionally kept private due to their potential impact in the future.

“We visited Diddy one day before the US elections. We met him at night, and we spent some time there. There are things we did, but those are not things we can post on social media because we have a future,” Diamond revealed during the interview.

Diamond’s manager, Babu Tale, provided additional insight into the journey to Diddy’s residence, facilitated by American record producer Swiss Beatz.

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“Swiss Beatz is like our brother; he calls us his Muslim brothers. He is so proud of Diamond Platnumz. He took us to Diddy’s house. Swiss asked us to stay outside as he tells Diddy that he has come with visitors,” Tale recounted to Millard Ayo.

Tale described the awe-inspiring level of security surrounding Diddy’s residence, noting it was a stark departure from their usual experiences.

“We are used to walking with well-built security, but Diddy’s security even had guns,” Tale remarked.

Upon entering Diddy’s mansion, they found themselves immersed in an atmosphere of creative energy, with Diddy engrossed in his craft, surrounded by collaborators.

“He was being massaged by a lady, and on the mic was another lady singing. He asked Diamond how Africa was, was it a jungle or is it a city,” Tale recalled.

“He then let us into his mansion; we met his two kids and Kanye West’s manager, who is the brother of Akon,” Tale added.

Tale confessed that they were so engrossed in the experience that they forgot to take any photos while there.

“We enjoyed it and didn’t even remember to take photos,” he admitted.

While Diamond Platnumz and his team cherished the memory of their encounter with the rap icon, Diamond himself is currently entangled in a series of legal battles. Since November, he has faced multiple civil lawsuits alleging various forms of misconduct, including accusations of sexual impropriety and other illegal activities.

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