Diamond Platnumz finally opens up about witchcraft use

Diamond Platnumz recently addressed criticisms regarding his decision to retrieve his stolen green cap with a straightforward response. During a press conference in Dar Es Salaam, he clarified that the cap holds sentimental value due to the effort he invested in acquiring it.

Dismissing speculations about any mystical properties associated with the cap, Diamond emphasized its sentimental rather than monetary worth. “It is not infused with witchcraft or anything like that. It’s not particularly expensive either,” he stated.

Diamond recounted the challenges he faced in finding a specific style of cap during a shopping trip in South Africa. “I searched extensively for a closed-back cap in South Africa, but most had openings. After scouring an entire mall, I finally found this one and bought it. It was a rare find,” he explained.

Expressing his attachment to the cap, Diamond revealed the circumstances of its theft at an event in Dodoma. “When it was stolen, I couldn’t just let it go. It held sentimental value to me,” he stated.

Diamond made these remarks while wearing the same green cap paired with a matching sweat-suit and white sneakers, emphasizing its significance to him.

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