Diamond Platnumz´ hilarious reply to Mbosso´s request to use birth control lights up the internet (Screenshots)

Well, birds of a feather flock together and Tanzanian bongo flava artistes, Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso Khan are a living confirmation of this.

In as much as the two Wasafi singers might not agree on couple of things, at least there is one thing that bonds them together – the fact that they have a string of children from different women.

Yes, Diamond shocked many after bagging himself at least 4 children across East Africa that earned him the tag ´Father Abraham´ but let me surprise you, Mbosso has surpassed this mark.

Tanzanian artiste, Mbosso

Unknown to many, it is reported that WCB signee, Mbosso is actually a father of 6 – he just needs to double the figure to make a complete football team.

Naseeb has been dishing out condoms as one of the prizes during his ´Big Sunday Live´ TV show.

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Mbosso´s plea

The protege has however reminded the Wasafi boss that they are the ones who should bag themselves several packets of the prize because they need it more than their fans.


According to him, it seems like Diamond has forgotten that charity begins at home because based on the number of children they have under their name, it is time they took a control measure.

Lile Briefcase lilokuwa na Condom kwenye Big Sunday leo ,lilifaa tushinde Mimi na Wewe , Lingetusaidia sana kaka Yangu ????????????????????

Responding to the same, the Tanzanian crooner reminded Mbosso that according to his religion, use of condoms is not allowed. Plus, Diamond wondered whether the Tamba singer was actually feeling sorry for not being a winner of these packs of condoms.

unaumwa wewe, mie asahivi mtu wa ibada…. ????

Bongo Flava king, Diamond Platnumz

Before Mbosso responded:

Asubutuuuuuuuu … ???????? Kwa sauti Ya Tabu Mtingita

Comment section

This attracted mixed reactions from fans and followers who were quick to express:

chafujo_tz Dah mzee we si unapandishaga bendera kwa mkono mmoja ndom ya nini ????????


3231ashley apana mjaze tu dunia iko kwa bibilia ????????????????????


jameselasto @diamondplatnumzwakusali sasa..????
itz_.serry @diamondplatnumz sema kaka @mbosso_ kakosea kwani????????
amore70667 rudi kwa toto tanasha wako amenawiri, Nj umefanana naye wachukue pls
itz_.serry @diamondplatnumz au ndo unataka kimalizia na burundi na rwanda???????????????? simba kama simba????
cuteredflower @diamondplatnumz MashaAllah ❤️ Allah akuzidishie apoke ibada zako inshaa Allah ????

haha mtatuuwa???????????? mjaze dunia hakuna haja ya kutumia hayo makaratasi


djbwasafi@diamondplatnumz ebu mwambie Big … watu ni Dua tu siku izi ????????????????
irenemorewa  @diamondplatnumz mmmh kama ukiokoka wewe shetani atajiuzulu

Kenya tumekupitisha sana Diamond platinumz ata billboard wanajua hilo ????????????????????????

marylilian85@diamondplatnumz ????????????????ibada kweli wacha tukupe benefits of doubt bora tusije tukasikia Kuna dem na mimba ????????????
emceedun254@mbosso_ unachomea BOSS????????????????

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