Is Diamond Platnumz mum taking shots at Zari’s youngest son for having ‘old man’s skin’ (Photo)

Image: Diamond Platnumz mum

Kendrah Micheal is happy to have Tiffah and Nillan aka Lanny Dangote as her grandchildren and just like any proud grandmother she cannot help but flaunt them on her social Media pages once in a while.

Before Lanny was born Kendrah’s favorite grandchild was Tiffah but she now seems to love them equally. However, I cannot say this about her daughter in law, Zari Hassan who happens to be stuck on kendrah’s bad side. From the rumors making rounds on social
Media these two women still have bad blood and this might not change anytime soon.

Anyway…Diamond Platnumz mum has left many wondering what she meant by captioning baby Lanny’s photo using an old mans emoji on Instagram. From the photo she uploaded it is a bit obvious to see the young boy sort of looked like an old man – however this is something common with baby’s especially new borns who take longer to arrive.

Fans on the other hand however felt like Kendrah was taking shots at Zari for having given birth to a baby who looks old due to her age….but this one I will have to disagree with since Lanny is still growing and pretty much soon he will take after his other three brothers.

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