Diamond Platnumz Will Not Allow Daughter to Be a Musician

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz has declared that he will never allow his daughter Princess Tiffah to pursue a career as a musician.

Drawing from his personal experience in the industry, Diamond has described a music career as a dangerous venture for the girl child. He has witnessed the sex extortion of female musicians over the years, and he says he will not allow his daughter to be subjected to that.

Diamond says that he understands the challenges that female musicians face, and he wants to protect his daughter from that. He has already started preparing her for a different career path in the industry, should she insist on pursuing a career in music. He wants her to become an artist manager, where she can handle the business side of things and protect other artists from exploitation.

However, Diamond says that he has no problem with his sons pursuing whatever they choose to become, within or outside the showbiz industry.

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