Diamond tells the story of how he entertained P Diddy.

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz recently shared details about his encounter with P Diddy in the US approximately two years ago. Speaking at a press conference, Diamond revealed that he visited the star at his studios in the US, accompanied by music producer Swiss Beatz, who is married to Alicia Keys.

“In one of my visits to the US, I was with Swiss Beatz and Babu Tale. He welcomed us into his studio, and we had a meal together. His family, kids, and some of his new artists were also present at the time,” Diamond recounted.

“He offered advice on various aspects of music. I hold him in high regard as a music guru with extensive knowledge of the industry. I gained valuable insights from our interaction,” he added.

When questioned about the controversies surrounding Diddy, Diamond refrained from passing judgment, stating, “I cannot judge him. The authorities will make the decision, and I will observe like everyone else.”

Regarding how he manages to avoid similar controversies, Diamond emphasized the separation between his music career, social media presence, and personal life.

“My inner circle understands that my music career, social media activities, and personal life are distinct entities,” he explained.

He expressed frustration with critics, stating, “Despite being a frequent topic of discussion in Tanzania, I refrain from engaging with detractors. I have developed resilience. Write whatever you want; I will not respond unless you cross a line. In such cases, I may send a cease and desist letter. I don’t even demand compensation because some remarks could result in severe legal consequences.”

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