Diana Marua Bahati Opens Up About Online Trolls and Son Morgan’s Adoption

Image: Diana Marua

Kenyan content creator and influencer Diana Marua Bahati recently spoke about the challenges she faces from online trolls and shed light on her eldest son Morgan’s adoption.

In an interactive YouTube session with her nannies, Diana explained that she is unfazed by the online trolls because she knows her truth.

“So guys, a lot has been said, and I don’t blame the media; everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I know my truth no matter what anyone else says,” she said.

Diana also revealed that Morgan was adopted way before she and Bahati started dating.

“When I met Bahati, he had already adopted three children: Purity, Morgan, and Rose. All of them were in a children’s home. Morgan had come to support Bahati at one of the award events, and he won Bahati’s heart. That’s how Morgan came to live with us. He was the first person to call me mom. I will forever be grateful for that,” Diana shared.

Diana’s story is a reminder that adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family. It is also a reminder that online trolls can be hurtful, but it is important to remember their words do not reflect your truth.

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