Did Mama Dangote, Diamond’s mother, break up with her “Ben 10” partner?

Image: Rally Jones denies reports that he is dependent on mama Dangote for a living

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Mama Dangote, addressed and dismissed rumors of a separation from her husband, businessman Uncle Shamte, in an interview with Wasafi Media.

Uncle Shamte, speaking to the media outlet, refuted speculations about relying on Mama Dangote’s financial support. He emphasized his dedication to work and expressed frustration at the unfounded rumors.

“I am always at work, but you guys say you don’t see me. People have said I’m being kept. A kept man does not work. I then start showing my work, and you start saying I’ve been dumped. What do you want?” he explained.

Shamte clarified that Mama Diamond has not left him, emphasizing their marital status as husband and wife.

“Being left is normal, but it’s not typical for a woman to leave a man. Perhaps you can say she has rejected me, but how can someone reject me when we are in a marriage, when she is my wife?” he questioned.

He went further to provide evidence, including their chat messages and proof of recent financial transactions, to counter the rumors of their separation.

Meanwhile, Mama Diamond recently denied being aware of Diamond’s relationship with Zuchu. In an interview, she stated, “Do not plan for him. He has never introduced me to a wife or fiancée. If he has not made it official, they are just playing with each other. She is just a woman. He has never introduced Zuchu to me as someone he wants to marry. We have not given dowry or a letter to Zuchu’s family to make such intentions.”

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