DJ Evolve Shares Haunting Details Of Near-Death Night

Image: DJ Evolve

Felix Orinda, the talented DJ known as Evolve, opened up on the chilling details surrounding the night a stray bullet shattered his life four years ago. Confined to a wheelchair after being shot in the neck at a Nairobi nightclub, Evolve reveals how his intuition tried to warn him of the impending danger.

Speaking to a local publication, Evolve described his conflicting emotions on January 17, 2020. “My body just didn’t want to go to work,” he confessed. Despite persistent calls and a nagging feeling deep within, he ultimately succumbed to duty. “I kept ignoring my alarm, but eventually I had to go… I really didn’t want to go that night.”

His words paint a picture of a young man wrestling with a premonition, highlighting the fragility of life and the importance of trusting gut instincts. The article avoids dwelling on the specifics of the shooting, instead focusing on Evolve’s journey of resilience and recovery.

He recounts battling for his life for months, spending two days in ICU followed by a week in the general ward. His first words after regaining consciousness? His own name, spoken with a mixture of surprise and relief. “My first words were my name,” he shares, “because I was doubting. I wasn’t even sure if I could speak.”

Evolve’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s ability to overcome unimaginable adversity. Through his honest reflection, he reminds us to cherish each day and appreciate the gift of life. His message of gratitude to God resonates deeply, adding a layer of faith and introspection to his narrative.

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