DJ Fatxo should just shut up

Okay, i really want to know why DJ Fatxo has a team of lawyers representing him now that the family of the late Jeff Mwathi want justice for the untimely death of their 24 year old son.

As far as we know is that DJ Fatxo was not in the house when Jeff allegedly jumped off the 10th floor…..but what we know is that a CCTV camera shows him looking at Jeff’s lifeless body – then shakes his head. And whats worse is that he actually reported the boy as missing less than 24 hours after the fall.

Not that i am lawyer but I have common sense to look and analyze a situation – and somethings dont need explanations. However for some reason DJ Fatxo is convinced that the boy jumped off and even after learning the truth – he somehow wants to continue playing accessory to murder which is why Kenyans are fed up with the slow investigation – yet it’s obvious to see.

Dj Fatxo should fire lawyers

What’s worse is that DJ Fatxo has been holding press conferences like a super star creating buzz around a new song…..and with this we have heard him say things like “tutashinda” and i am like…..wait…..mtashinda nini?

Like there is nothing to win in the case and what people want is the truth. Its not a competition nor is it a game….but an effort to help Jeff’s mother understand how her son ended up dieing such a painful death hours after she had spoken to him.

But thanks to DJ Fatxo’s kenyans remain angered and disgusted at Fatxo protecting the two other men who were left behind Jeff on the day he died. But again, good thing is that there are CCTV cameras already explaining the situation and now that the DCI is also involved….let’s see whether justice will finally be served.

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