DJ Joe Mfalme Addresses Fans Calling Him A ‘Snitch’ For Ballo’s Detainment

DJ Joe Mfalme has spoken out about the criticism he faced following his release from custody in the ongoing murder investigation of senior DCI officer Felix Kelian. While Joe and six others were released, his hypeman, Allan Ochieng (alias Hype Ballo), remains detained as the prime suspect.

Some online critics accused Mfalme of cooperating with authorities in exchange for his freedom, labeling him a “snitch.” Mfalme, however, downplayed the criticism on Milele FM, stating that the public often speaks without full knowledge of the case.

He emphasized his continued good relationship with Ballo, despite limited communication due to the ongoing legal proceedings. “The truth will come out eventually,” he maintained.

“People don’t know the story; the matter is in court right now so I won’t talk about it. But you know public opinion is okay. I am okay being called a snitch because Ballo and I are on good terms, although we are not in communication because of the nature of the case,” Joe assured.

Mfalme expressed gratitude for the support he received from friends during his detention. He highlighted the importance of staying calm during such situations.

Meanwhile, Ballo is expected to be arraigned in court soon. Fellow MCs across the country have shown solidarity with him as his case progresses.

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