DJ Joe Mfalme Narrates His Experience While In Jail

DJ Joe Mfalme has remained quiet since his release from jail after being detained for 14 days in connection with the murder of police officer Felix Kelian.

Mfalme was freed on condition of testifying for the prosecution, leading some to speculate that he betrayed his longtime friend, Hype Ballo, to save himself.

“People don’t know the full story, and since the matter is currently in court, I prefer not to comment on it. Public opinion is inevitable, but I want to make it clear that Hype Ballo and I are still in good terms. However, due to the ongoing investigations, we are not allowed to discuss the case,” DJ Joe said.

In a recent interview with Ankali Ray, Mfalme opened up a bit about his experience in jail. He described it as a time for reflection, with little else to do but “think, relax, and sleep.”

While Mfalme avoided discussing details of the case, he did address rumors of a rift between him and Ballo. He dismissed these claims, stating that most of the circulating stories are untrue, and that he and Ballo remain friends.

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