These two Gospel show hosts are a match made in heaven

NTV´s Gospel show, Crossover 101, is hosted by Dj Mo and Grace Ekirapa, a duo that has ignited mixed reactions on various media platforms.

Dj Mo and Grace Ekirapa

Followers have always put the two together, claiming that they look so good together, forgetting that Dj Mo is actually married to gospel singer, Size 8.

Crossover 101, co-producers, Grace Ekirapa and Dj Mo and Dj Mo´s wife, Size 8 (extreme right)

These reactions were fueled further, by this post on Dj Mo´s Instagram page that had followers urging them to just consider being an item:

The two co-presenters on NTV, have shared photos together, whether out having a cup of coffee, just random shoots or even at the NTV studio.


Hehe…you guys should be a couple…you really match and look good together ????

Okoma Shereen

????This two are upto something


Lovely couples


But you two…


mmekaa style ya kutegea mchele sasa ????????


This couple is always beautiful

Sonua Festii

@dj mo was that a coincidence or mliamua..the white wears?


These two look so good together


Keep distance u too close yawa

Mercie Osish

Ile design unangoja tu wasemee ¨wageni chakula iko pale mbele¨ ????????big up super dj


Looking. Super duper two


That closeness woo.

But guys though his married he has friends too.

Stop making size 8 jealousy with comments Mo and size 8 are celebrities they have friends around them c´mon.

Kemirembe Naira

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