DJ Mo and Size 8 treated to a beautiful family vacation days after infidelity scandal (Videos)

Image: The Murayas on vacation

The Muraya couple continues to confuse fans and critics on their marital situation after recently being spotted having a time of their life with their two children, at Kenyas coast.

It has been barely a month since the couple’s marriage was speculated to be on the verge of a break-up, surrounded with infidelity scandals and fights, a scene that turned ugly.

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Then days later, the two came out, seemingly having ironed out their differences. Making apologies and clarifying on what exactly had been going on with the fights and scandals.

The Muraya family on vacation

According to the gospel singer, her husbands infidelity is to be blamed on the devil, shielding him from external attacks.

The Muraya family vacation

Well, in recent developments, the lovebirds went on a beautiful family vacation down at Mombasa, as they marked their 7th wedding anniversary.

The young family was hosted at the luxurious PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort. Courtesy of a popular tour company, coupled with fun activities and short trips around the coastal hub.

It is hard to differentiate the children from the parents because of their playful nature. For DJ Mo, hii ni uchokozi imeomoka ????????.

The couple freely interacted with individuals present at the beach-side, and they quite had a time of their life.

Because for Size 8, “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding”.

Well, there you have it!

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